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Travelling Around Sri Lanka

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Organising a trip to Sri Lanka can seem complicated, but with a little expert advice, it quickly becomes more straightforward. The key is to remember that with all the preparation in the world, there’ll always be an element of spontaneity to your visit. Go with a plan, but a relaxed one at that, and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic time.

Make your visit a memorable experience

Getting Around

It’s best to decide how you want to spend your time in Sri Lanka. There are so many experiences to be had, so think about how much time you have available and what you can realistically fit in. Whilst Sri Lanka is a small island, the roads are not particularly well developed, which slows driving times down; a poorly planned itinerary could mean you spend your holiday stuck in a car!

Although Sri Lanka is small in size travelling around the island can be frustrating and time consuming. The country’s narrow roads, congested with pedestrians, cyclists and trishaws make travelling difficult. However, once you leave the hustle and bustle of Colombo, you can enjoy many scenic drives around the coastal line or in the hill country.

Sri Lanka is beautiful and even though small in size offers visitors many travel options.
Now it's possible to do a city tour of Colombo as well. For more information click here:

Rail Travel

Taking the train is a great & inexpensive way to get around, the train journeys are real cultural experiences and the most scenic routes will be highlights of your visit - in particular the wonderful journey from Colombo to Kandy and up into Tea Country and the coastal train ride from Colombo to Dutch colonial Galle. Trains connect Colombo with all tourist towns, but first-class carriages, air conditioning and dining coaches are available on only a few. New fast services operate on the principal routes, including an intercity express service between Colombo and Kandy, otherwise journeys are fairly leisurely.

Travel by Bus:

An extensive network of services to most parts of the Island is afforded with reasonable quality. Most long distance services are operated from Colombo at the Pettah Central Bus Depot. There are two services, one operated by the Sri Lanka Transport Board and the other operated by private bus companies. The private bus station is located close to the Central Depot. Most of the buses have air-conditioning. Buses to the coastal towns depart every ½ an hour while Kandy is every 15 minutes.

Even though not the most efficient, bus service in Sri Lanka is the cheapest method of transport along with train service. The bad news is that bus travel in Sri Lanka is almost uniformly uncomfortable and frequently nerve-racking as well, given the gung-ho driving styles of some drivers.

Car hires:

No matter if you travel Sri Lanka for holiday or business, you can easily relax in our most comfortable Sri Lanka car rental service. You are free to enjoy the scenery of Sri Lanka or you can rest between transport destinations. Car travel helps get away from the complicated traffic most times. Air-conditioned minibuses are also available.

Trishaw (Tuk tuk) travel:

Motorised rickshaws are also readily available for hire in towns and villages. This ride could end up being one of the most fun things you to do in Sri Lanka. We would highly recommend the experience to anyone else looking to visit Sri Lanka specially travelling interiors. During these Tuk Tuk Trips you will leave the beaten track and the busy tourist destinations and instead discover the authentic mainland the way like locals do. The average speed of a Tuk Tuk is approximately 45km/h, so you'll have plenty of time to see some beautiful scenery along the road. Always try to arrange your tuk tuk ride through responsible travel operator or through your hotel front office.


Solo Female Travel In Sri Lanka

Solo traveling is a symbol of freedom that leads to a fascinating experience.

Watch how Nafisa Habib from Bangladesh explores Sri Lanka during her seven day stay in Sri Lanka

Visit :

Our Advice for Solo female travellers while travelling in Sri Lanka.

Please remember travelling Asia would be quite different to travelling in Europe. You are guaranteed to have a lovely time in Sri Lanka if you follow few recommended steps.

  • Do not drink too much in the evening and always keep your guard up (as would apply tavelling in any other country)

  • Cover knees and shoulders if you don’t want to feel uncomfortable.

  • We advise you to sit in the back seat and maybe don’t be too familiar with guide/driver. Always try to maintain firmer boundaries to minimize awkward situations.

We don’t mean to come across as overly negative on solo female travel to Sri Lanka. Its an amazing country and well worth experiencing.

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