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Trip Travel Sri Lanka

Travelling Sri Lanka for the first time?


Planning a trip and don’t know where to start?


Want to plan the perfect trip, but don’t have time to research and figure out all the details?


Hoping to enjoy your vacation without worrying about deciding what to do and how to get around?


Concerned about maximizing your vacation time?


Then you are in the right place.

With Trip Travel Sri Lanka you will find some interesting tips for planning your trip creating the authentic local experience as possible during your stay in Sri Lanka.

​At visit explore Srilanka page- You will find many places and things you can do while your stay in Sri Lanka.

At our glimpse of Sri Lanka section - You can view photographs, videos of Sri Lanka.

At our travel section- you will find all the information as to how you can obtain Visa and travel within the country.


If you need further help you always contact us as we are ready to help you with your travel planning.


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