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Travel Tips

It pays to plan ahead

Planning a vacation is surprisingly stressful, which can be a real buzz kill when you are looking forward to a relaxing vacation to escape the stress of daily life. Planning your trip well helps you get what you want and find the experiences you wish for, without risking your hard-earned days off. And if you don't know what you want, we're happy to help you find some ideas.

There are so many experiences to be had, so think about how much time you have available and what you can realistically fit in.

Experiencing the local culture


One of the best things you can do while abroad experiences the local culture of the city and country you’re living in.  Each country has its own unique culture and it’s not just fun, but also important to experience and see how people from other countries live their day-to-day life. There are numerous ways to experience another country’s culture in a respectful manner.

Getting Around in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka has not always been as easy to get around as we'd like it to be. But modern conveniences have made it much easier than it once was. Getting around in Sri Lanka is made difficult by a number of different factors: a limited number of roads, or roads of poor quality; heavy traffic, and the central position of the island’s highlands which makes crossing from east to west, or north to south, more convoluted than one might expect when first glancing at the map. When going on a full tour of Sri Lanka, you must be prepared for some long journeys, especially if you are planning on visiting the Cultural Triangle or places along the east coast.

Whilst Sri Lanka is a small island, a poorly planned itinerary could mean you spend your holiday stuck in a car!


Many options are available, so do your research or contact your travel planner to plan your trip to meet your needs.

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Public transport in Sri Lanka is cheap but crowded. Trains and buses serve many destinations around the country. Hiring and car and driver is your best option. Tuk-tuk or three-wheel is an easy and cheap way to travel short distance during their stay. 

Driving can be little chaotic, so be prepared. Cycling is another great way to explore the countryside.

In the heart of Sri Lanka, you'll find one of the world's most scenic train trips. The train from Kandy to Ella is a beautiful 7-hour ride through lush tea plantations. To learn more and book your train rides check this link: Sri Lanka Railways


Getting your Visa

Getting your visa is not complicated; just make sure your passport is valid for 6 months after you return from holiday and apply online. It usually comes through within 2-3 days

You can apply for VISA  (Click here);​ 


Remember currency details

The Sri Lankan rupee is a closed currency, so don’t try to convert any money before travelling out. Take you're bank card with you and withdraw from ATMs or take cash and change at local banks. Try to spend all your money before returning as you may find it hard to change Sri Lanka rupees back in your own country.

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If you wanted to talk to an expert advice planning your Sri Lanka trip, call us +46 76 432 7854 (in Sweden) ,  +94-71700177 (in Sri Lanka) or email us with your questions here. To see an example of the what you could experience or kind of trip you could have, do take a look at our Glimpse of Sri Lanka, Explore Sri Lanka pages. They’re just a starting point.

Contact us or your recommended holiday planner to tailor-make your ideal vacation, so they can tweak all elements to suit your exact interests. Alternatively – download our free Sri Lanka travel guide for more insider tips and insights:


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