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Colombo Travel Diary

Colombo city continues to bloom into a fast-paced, fascinating destination where eighteenth-century streets rub shoulders with bold, modern architecture. It is a place of contrasts and colour, of scents and senses, of mad, manic, open-air markets and vast, air-conditioned shopping malls, street food Meccas and candy-coloured temples. And the deeper you dive, the more it opens up. In fact, Colombo’s wide and ever-evolving melting pot of cultures – Sinhalese, Tamil, Burgher, Muslim, old expatriates and, latterly, Chinese – means it is perhaps more deserving of being labeled the ‘real’ Sri Lanka than anywhere else. This is a city that is proud to be going places, while you are never more than a few footsteps from the many layers that make up its 2,500-year-old past.

“Do you have a travel destination you want to visit, Why not travel to Sri Lanka. Whether you prefer traveling alone or planning a family vacation, you deserve to go away and create priceless memories.”

Visit the Museums

Colombo has many museums open for visitors. National Museum of Colombo, also known as the Sri Lanka National Museum is the largest museum in Sri Lanka is a great place to get idea of natural and cultural heritage of the country. The Museum is housed in two stories of a beautifully photogenic building.

Sri Lanka National Museum

Visit Gangaramaya Temple

Gangaramaya Temple is one of the most important temples in Colombo, Sri Lanka, being a mix of modern architecture and cultural essence. Temple complex has a library, a museum and an extraordinarily eclectic array of bejewelled and gilded gifts presented by devotees and well-wishers over the years. Temple is the focus of the Navam Perahera on the February poya (full moon) day each yearm and the centre for the most extravagant Vesak celebrations in Colombo during month of May (Vesak Poya week).

Ganagramaya Temple

See the Galle face Green in the evening

Located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Galle Face Green is an urban park spread over a humongous 5 hectares of land. Galle Face Green in Sri Lanka is now considered to be one of the largest pieces of land that is accessible to crowds inclusive of tourists and regular local visitors. The Galle Face beach is a beautiful strip of land covered in greenery, surrounded by tall towers and buildings. Spend some quality time here in the midst of some great food and a little bit of sweet chaos during your short stay in Colombo.

Experience the street food during your visit to Galle face green.

Take a train ride from Colombo Fort Station

Fort railway station is a major rail hub in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This Railway Station is the biggest station of Sri Lanka and has quite a bit of history. Although there is nothing much to see it worthwhile going little early to take some photographs if you are travelling from Fort rail station.

Fort Railway Station is renowned for its Victorian-era architecture.

When arriving in Sri Lanka, or on your way out, take a day or two and do some shopping in Colombo. Colombo offers wide collection of gift shops, hand loom, cafes, restaurants for you to experience.

Visit the following link to know more about shopping and dining in Colombo; Click here

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