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Experience Top 7 Beaches of Sri Lanka

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

If you’ve found yourself thinking about Sri Lanka lately or indeed, if you’ve booked your tickets to go to Sri Lanka, then this should be right up your street – the 7 beaches you have to find yourself on when you visit Sri Lanka.

1) Unawatuna – For Tranquil Blue Waters.

2) Beruwala and Benthota - For Beaches And Mangroves

3) Mirissa/ Tangalle – For Weekend getaways and Whale Watching

4) Rekawa/ Induruwa – For Scenic Beaches And Villages.

5) Arugam Bay – For Surfing And Fishing.

6) Kalpitiya – For Meeting Dolphins

7) Pasakudah And Kalkudah – For White Sand Beaches.

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Getting to know the beaches

1) Unawatuna & Galle

The old town and the Fort of Galle are part of the UNESCO World Heritage and absolutely worth a visit. The beach of Unawatuna is not far away from Galle and offers the opportunity to connect beach holidays with cultural sightseeing (Only 1 1/2 hr drive along southern highway)

Best time to visit: October to mid of April

2) Beruwala and Benthota

This very long sand beach is without any doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka. Beside the fact that it is palm-lined it is a great destination for families as the water is very shallow here. Moreover Benthota and Beruwala are located close to each other very close to the capital Colombo (only a 2h drive)

Best time to visit :October to mid of April

3) Tangalle/ Rekawa

Tangalle beach has soft sand in dark-yellow colour contrasts beautifully with the emerald-blue colour of water. It is a perfect place to stroll at sunset. Tangalle is more calm and secluded. If you are planning a relaxed beach vacation, Tangalle is the perfect spot. Tangalle offers so many things for visitors other than its pristine beaches. You can visit the nearby Rekawa beach which is the nesting ground for 5 species of turtles. You can watch the turtles arrive at the beach and reach their nesting site where they will lay their eggs and return to sea. Season for turtle watching is from April to July.

Best time to visit : Throughout the year

4) Weligama/Mirissa Beach

Weligama beach on the southwest of the country is touted to be Sri Lanka’s most scenic beach. You can click selfies here with your loved ones. Make sure to put those pictures up on Instagram for everyone to see. Two Beaches are located close to each other. Most tourists come to Mirissa for whale watching. You can book the expeditions mostly directly at your accommodation. If you are lucky you'll come to see blue whales, dolphins during your visit here. Mirissa beach itself is beautiful with some awesome sunset. However, the waters are rough with crazy wild waves which can make you tumble.

Best time to visit :October to mid of April

5) Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is a surf beach on the east coast. As it is a predominantly Muslim area you should wear long clothes if you're a woman. Regarding the prices Arugam Bay is much more expensive than the beaches on the west coast. If you walk south along the beach for about an hour you'll get to a lake area with crocodiles and elephant. In the morning you can watch the fisherman doing their work at the beach

Best time to visit: April till September

6) Kalpitiya

Seeing dolphins for the first time can be a surreal experience. On Kalpitiya beach, dolphins are a common sight. We suggest you to take a dolphin watching tour or sit by yourself on the beach and try spotting a few. We promise that you’ll have the time of your life. For a clearer view, we suggest you hop on a boat.

Best time to visit :November to March

7) Pasakudah And Kalkudah

If your dream vacation comprises of a white sand beach shaded by palm trees, this is it. Pasikudah Bay is a 2 km long wide stretch of beach well protected by a shallow off shore reef. Kalkudah beach is wide and long and spreads along for 4 km long just south of Pasikudah. The beach also houses a varied number of tropical fishes and exotic coral reefs. The combined beaches of Pasikudah and Kalkudah and are ideal for sea bathing as the sea is clear, calm and reef-protected.

Best time to visit : May to September

If you like to see more of Sri Lanka you can easily combine your independent beach holiday with a guided tour. This way you don't need to bother about organization, you get to know more about the country and you can travel with like minded people. Just call us and we will make sure you get to experience best of Sri Lanka has to offer.

Relax @ Tangalle Beach Riding the waves@ Arugam bay Enjoy Unawatuna Beach

Rekawa Beach, Where Turtles come to Relax

Learn more about Sri Lanka's best beaches;

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